Northwich Woodlands
Northwich Woodlands


Beetles are a group of insects that form the order Coleoptera. The word "coleoptera" is from the Greek meaning "sheath" and pteron, meaning "wing", thus "sheathed wing", because most beetles have two pairs of wings, the front pair, the "elytra", being hardened and thickened into a shell-like protection for the rear pair and the beetle's abdomen. Try printing off any of our wildlife lists and tick the ones you can find at Northwich.

Whirligig Beetles

Gyrinidae (Gyrinus substriatus) Common Whirligig Beetle

Crawling Water Beetles

Haliplidae (Haliplus ruficollis)

Haliplidae (Haliplus wehnckei)

Screech Beetles

Hygrobiidae (Hygrobia hermanni) Screech Beetle

Predaciuos Diving Beetles

Noteridae (Noterus clavicornis)
Dytiscidae (Copelatus haemorrhoidalis)
Dytiscidae (Laccophilus minutus)
Dytiscidae (Hyphydrus ovatus)
Dytiscidae (Hygrotus inaequalis)
Dytiscidae (Hygrotus impressopunctatus)
Dytiscidae (Hydroporus erythrocephalus)
Dytiscidae (Hydroporus planus)
Dytiscidae (Agabus bipustulatus)
Dytiscidae (Agabus nebulosus)
Dytiscidae (Agabus sturmii)
Dytiscidae (Ilybius ater)
Dytiscidae (Ilybius fuliginosus)
Dytiscidae (Ilybius guttiger) Notable b
Dytiscidae (Rhantus suturalis) Notable b
Dytiscidae (Colymbetes fuscus)
Dytiscidae (Dytiscus semisulcatus)
Dytiscidae (Hydaticus seminiger) Notable b

Ground Beetles

Carabidae (Nebria brevicollis)
Carabidae (Notiophilus biguttatus)
Carabidae (Notiophilus rufipes)
Carabidae (Cicindela campestris) Green Tiger Beetle
Carabidae (Elaphrus riparius)
Carabidae (Asaphidion curtum)
Carabidae (Bembidion aeneum)
Carabidae (Bembidion guttula)
Carabidae (Bembidion lunulatum)
Carabidae (Pterostichus madidus)
Carabidae (Pterostichus nigrita)
Carabidae (Pterostichus vernalis)
Carabidae (Pterostichus strenuus)
Carabidae (Abax parallelepipedus)
Carabidae (Calathus fuscipes)
Carabidae (Amara plebeja)
Carabidae (Amara aenea)
Carabidae (Amara communis)
Carabidae (Amara familiaris)
Carabidae (Amara ovata)
Carabidae (Amara tibialis)
Carabidae (Amara praetermissa) Notable b
Carabidae (Anisodactylus binotatus)
Carabidae (Stenolophus mixtus)
Carabidae (Badister bipustulatus)
Carabidae (Badister bullatus)
Carabidae (Dromius quadrimaculatus)
Carabidae (Dromius melanocephalus)

Water Scavenger Beetles

Hydrophilidae (Helophorus aequalis)
Hydrophilidae (Helophorus brevipalpis)
Hydrophilidae (Helophorus minutus)
Hydrophilidae (Hydrobius fuscipes)
Hydrophilidae (Anacaena globulus)
Hydrophilidae (Anacaena limbata)
Hydrophilidae (Anacaena lutescens)
Hydrophilidae (Laccobius bipunctatus)
Hydrophilidae (Enochrus melanocephalus) Notable b
Hydrophilidae (Enochrus testaceus)
Hydrophilidae (Cymbiodyta marginella)
Hydrophilidae (Sphaeridium scarabaeoides)

Carrion Beetles

Silphidae (Nicrophorus humator)

Rove Beetles

Staphylinidae (Tychus niger)
Staphylinidae (Tachyporus chrysomelinus)
Staphylinidae (Tachyporus hypnorum )
Staphylinidae (Tachyporus obtusus)
Staphylinidae (Tachinus marginellus)
Staphylinidae (Tachinus rufipennis) RDB3
Staphylinidae (Geostiba circellaris)
Staphylinidae (Mocyta fungi)
Staphylinidae (Atheta crassicornis)
Staphylinidae (Anotylus sculpturatus)
Staphylinidae (Anotylus tetracarinatus)
Staphylinidae (Stenus clavicornis)
Staphylinidae (Stenus fulvicornis)
Staphylinidae (Stenus nitidiusculus)
Staphylinidae (Stenus ossium)
Staphylinidae (Rugilus orbiculatus)
Staphylinidae (Philonthus cognatus)
Staphylinidae (Philonthus decorus)
Staphylinidae (Philonthus varians)
Staphylinidae (Bisnius fimetarius)
Staphylinidae (Ocypus olens) Devil's Coach-horse
Staphylinidae (Quedius scintillans)

Scarab Beetles - Chafers, Dung Beetles etc.

Trogidae (Trox scaber)
Geotrupidae (Geotrupes stercorarius) Dor Beetle
Scarabaeidae (Aphodius rufipes)
Scarabaeidae (Aphodius fimetarius)
Scarabaeidae (Aphodius prodromus)
Scarabaeidae (Aphodius sphacelatus)
Scarabaeidae (Melolontha melolontha) Common Cockchafer
Scarabaeidae (Hoplia philanthus) Welsh Chafer
Scarabaeidae (Phyllopertha horticola) Bracken Chafer

Scirtidae Beetles

Scirtidae (Cyphon coarctatus)

Heteroceridae Beetles

Heteroceridae (Heterocerus fenestratus)

Click Beetles

Elateridae (Hypnoidus riparius)
Elateridae (Kibunea minuta)
Elateridae (Denticollis linearis)
Elateridae (Athous haemorrhoidalis)
Elateridae (Hemicrepidius hirtus)
Elateridae (Agriotes acuminatus)
Elateridae (Agriotes lineatus)
Elateridae (Agriotes obscurus)
Elateridae (Agriotes pallidulus)

Soldier Beetles

Cantharidae (Cantharis decipiens)
Cantharidae (Cantharis livida)
Cantharidae (Cantharis nigra)
Cantharidae (Cantharis nigricans)
Cantharidae (Cantharis pellucida)
Cantharidae (Cantharis rustica)
Cantharidae (Cantharis thoracica)
Cantharidae (Rhagonycha fulva)
Cantharidae (Rhagonycha lignosa)
Cantharidae (Rhagonycha testacea)

Wood-boring Beetles

Anobiidae (Ptilinus pectinicornis) Fan-bearing Wood-borer


Kateretidae (Brachypterus glaber)
Kateretidae (Brachypterus urticae) Nettle Pollen Beetle
Nitidulidae (Epuraea pallescens)
Nitidulidae (Glischrochilus quadripunctatus)
Rhizophagidae (Rhizophagus bipustulatus)
Rhizophagidae (Rhizophagus dispar)
Cerylonidae (Cerylon ferrugineum)


Coccinellidae (Rhyzobius litura)
Coccinellidae (Coccidula rufa)
Coccinellidae (Coccidula scutellata)
Coccinellidae (Halyzia sedecimguttata) Orange Ladybird
Coccinellidae (Calvia quattuorodecimguttata) Cream-spot Ladybird
Coccinellidae (Propylea quattuordecimpunctata) 14-spot Ladybird
Coccinellidae (Adalia bipunctata) 2-spot Ladybird
Coccinellidae (Adalia decempunctata) 10-spot Ladybird
Coccinellidae (Coccinella septempunctata) 7-spot Ladybird
Coccinellidae (Harmonia axyridis) Harlequin Ladybird
Coccinellidae (Anisosticta novemdecimpunctata) Water Ladybird

Mould Beetles

Lathridiidae (Aridius nodifer)
Lathridiidae (Cortinicara gibbosa)
Lathridiidae (Cartodere nodifer)

Lagriidae beetles

Tenebrionidae (Lagria hirta)

Oedemeridae beetles

Oedemeridae (Oedemera lurida)

Scraptiidae beetles

Scraptiidae (Anaspis garneysi)
Scraptiidae (Anaspis maculata)
Scraptiidae (Anaspis rufilabris)

Wasp Beetles Cerambycidae (Grammoptera ruficornis)
Cerambycidae (Clytus arietis) Wasp Beetle

Seed Beetles or Bean Weavils

Bruchidae (Bruchus loti)

Leaf Beetles

Chrysomelidae (Donacia clavipes) Notable b
Chrysomelidae (Donacia simplex)
Chrysomelidae (Donacia versicolorea)
Chrysomelidae (Oulema melanopus)
Chrysomelidae (Cassida rubiginosa) Thistle Tortoise Beetle
Chrysomelidae (Chrysolina polita)
Chrysomelidae (Gastrophysa viridula) Green Dock Beetle
Chrysomelidae (Phaedon tumidulus) Celery Leaf Beetle
Chrysomelidae (Hydrothassa marginella)
Chrysomelidae (Phratora vitellinae) Brassy Willow Beetle
Chrysomelidae (Galerucella pusilla)
Chrysomelidae (Pyrrhalta viburni) Guelder-rose Leaf Beetle
Chrysomelidae (Lochmaea crataegi) Hawthorn Leaf Beetle
Chrysomelidae (Agelastica alni) Alder Leaf Beetle RDBK
Chrysomelidae (Altica lythri)
Chrysomelidae (Cryptocephalus labiatus)


Attelabidae (Deporaus betulae) Birch Leaf Roller


Apionidae (Ceratapion carduorum)
Apionidae (Ceratapion gibbirostre)
Apionidae (Protapion fulvipes) White Clover Seed Weevil
Apionidae (Perapion marchicum)
Apionidae (Perapion violaceum )
Curculionidae (Otiorhynchus ligneus)
Curculionidae (Otiorhynchus singularis) Raspberry Weevil
Curculionidae (Phyllobius oblongus) Brown Leaf Weevil
Curculionidae (Phyllobius roboretanus) Small Green Nettle Weevil
Curculionidae (Phyllobius pyri) Common Leaf Weevil
Curculionidae (Phyllobius glaucus)
Curculionidae (Phyllobius pomaceus)
Curculionidae (Polydrusus splendidus) Notable a
Curculionidae (Barypeithes pellucidus)
Curculionidae (Sitona cylindricollis)
Curculionidae (Sitona lineatus)
Curculionidae (Euophryum confine)
Curculionidae (Orthochaetes setiger) Notable b
Curculionidae (Zacladus geranii) Meadow Cranesbill Weevil
Curculionidae (Rhynchaenus fagi) Beech Leaf Miner
Scolytidae (Dryocoetinus villosus)